Advisory Services

Advisory Services

At Rays Power Infra, we are not only interested in growing our business through the installation of solar power plants but we also believe in providing maximum returns to the investor who has trusted upon us with their hard earned capital. Therefore, we advise them from time to time about the latest news and updates in the solar industry and provide them relevant facts justifying the money invested by them in the solar sector as compared to any other sector.

Investment Strategy

Our managers are highly capable and sound with the latest happenings in different investment sectors and are always available to advice the investors to reap in maximum returns from their investment. About Rs.1800 Crores have already been invested in Indian Solar sector for installation of 3 GW of solar power plants. Solar PV projects require high investment commitments with in-depth understanding of various aspects impacting these investments. As an investor, finding the right opportunity with correct feasibility study is a key to successful venture. Our managers understand the strengths and priorities of the investors and provide useful insights based on extensive market study and expertise tailored for each investor. This enables the investor to realize the current and future advantages of the solar industry. Our team also puts forth complex policy frameworks, industry standards, technology, financing and project development techniques so that the investor can analyze the risks and uncertainties associated with the project and proceed ahead with a win-win situation.

Venture into the market strategy

India being a tropical country offers a veryattractive destination for solar power plant installations. Currently more than 3 GW solar power plants have been installed in India with a spectacular generation track record. However, for many new entrants, the unpredictable regulatory framework and retrospective policies form a deterrent for entering into this lucrative industry. Many aspects like local government, competitors, consumer of electricity, local processes, infrastructure, execution of planned procedures, etc pose a serious concern for any investor who is investing crores of rupees to venture into the solar energy market. All these and other related aspects are taken care of by our organization. Our theme is to undertake all the work for the investor from the first signing of the contract with us till end commissioning and maintenance of the solar power plant for 25 year of plant operation.