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Independent Power Producer

Rays Power Infra has aggressive plans to be a Solar IPP with 120 MW+ Capacity in next 3 years with an Investment of nearly 8000 Million INR under BOOT Model/Joint Bidding with other IPPs. We already have a running Project of 1 MW since December 2012 at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. At a project cost of INR 140 Million and Govt. PPA of INR.15.32 per kWh. Its performance has given confidence to the management to expand in future.

We have also invested in a roof top Solar Project of 250 KW on a university, which is paying at a rate of Rs. 6 per unit escalating every year. The group has also claimed MNRE subsidy of 30% through Rays Power Infra on this project.

Future Plans:

The group has already signed another 2MW and a 10 MW power purchase agreement (PPA) with Telangana government at Rs. 6.49 per unit and Rs 6.55 per unit and will be commissioned by 2016. In future the group is tendering / bidding for various Solar Project as an IPP for both grid and roof top project as per below:-

Policies Size Year of Commissioning
MP/Rajasthan/Other State Policies 20 MW 2016
National Solar Mission 50 MW 2016
Maharashtra/Other solar policies 30 MW Late 2017
Total = 100MW

Policies Size Year of Commissioning
MNRE roof top Policy 1 MW on various roof top 2015
SECI roof top Policy 2 MW on various roof top 2015
Total = 3 MW 2016