Rays Power Infra Rooftop Solar Kit


  Unique features Very wide voltage range,MPPT charge controller for higher Generation, onsite support
No reverse feeding in the grid when system generating but no load and battery fully charged.
Seamless control duration of the mode change (PV, Battery, Grid )
Online monitoring of the system by app-based system additional.
 Design life of the system More than 10 years
Space Required  12 sqm  16 sqm  30 sqm
Inverter (Make/Rating/Number)  Tier 1/3 kva /1 no)  Tier 1/5 kva /1 no)  Tier 1/5 kva /1 no
Battery (Make/Rating/Number)  Tier 1/ 4.8 kwh /1 no.  Tier 1/ 9.6kwh kwh /1 no  Tier 1/ 9.6kwh kwh /1 no
Solar Panels  6  8  15
Inverter Efficiency  96-97%  96-97%  96-97%
Module Efficiency  18.8%   18.8%   18.8%
Module Type  Mono  Mono  Mono
Protections Anti-islanding protection/DC switch/Output overcurrent protection/Output overvoltage protection/Out short circuit protection/Surge Protection Device/.  Reverse polarity production. Anti – reverse connection protection circuit, RCB ( Residual current breaker ) also include.
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