Solar Rooftop – Opex/RESCO

The OPEX/RESCO is a ZERO investment model where the solar panels are installed on customer’s roof/Premises with our own capital. The customer only pays for the electricity supplied to it under the long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Interestingly, the customer also gets to keep the project FREE of cost at the end of PPA tenure.

We are committed to maximize the value for our customers, investors and the shareholders. Our team of highly skilled professionals executes the projects of best quality and reliability. Experienced operations team ensures the maximum efficiency from the power plant. We have access to the advanced software and latest databases enabling us to predict the output close to the actual project.

Solar Rooftop – Capex

Willing to invest and own a rooftop solar power project?

We provide an end to end turnkey project execution under a fixed price fixed time structure. That’s not all! We also ensure that your solar power plant works at the most optimum level of performance.

This model is for the corporates who wish to invest their own capital for setting up the rooftop solar power plant. They can reap the benefits of lower cost of power for 25 years and at the same time, shield themselves to the increasing cost of electricity from the grid. The owner will also be able to benefit from the available depreciation.

With our in-house engineering, design, execution and operation capabilities through a team of highly experienced professionals and engineers, we are well equipped to offer you the most effective solution for both during construction and operation of your power plant. Our team use the most advanced and latest software for modeling, shadow analysis and visualization. We also have access to the most updated databases.

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