Rays Power Infra Limited Turnkey Solutions
High Net worth Individuals: 

Solar Power offers a very attractive investment opportunity for High net worth individuals with tax saving benefits and tax holidays for 10 years for the income generated from the solar power plant. HNIs can secure their investment by investing in solar power sector which has almost negligible risk involved as compared to real estate, mutual funds, and other such investments.

Tax Saving Benefit: 

Firms and organizations paying huge corporate taxes can save them by installing a solar power plant. The installation of a solar power plant enables the firms and organizations to avail the benefit of accelerated depreciation wherein 80% of the solar power plant cost is depreciated in the first year itself providing considerable tax shield to the firms.

Existing Business/ Corporate Houses:

Many large business houses are diversifying into solar sector keeping in mind the future cash-flows generated from this sector and the various incentives provided by the government. The solar sector has made it easy for large businesses to diversify into the power sector, unlike conventional coal-based plants which are highly capital intensive and require Rs.1000 Cores investment to begin with. In the solar sector, a fraction of this cost can be utilized to establish the solar power plant and mark a beginning in the power sector which is by far the most productive industry worldwide.

Budding Entrepreneurs:

Our organization offers a one-stop solution forbidding entrepreneurs who are new to this sector and are willing to make a mark in this sector. We provide valuable feedback and facts for investing in the solar power sector to entrepreneurs keeping in mind the value of their money.

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